Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

Polish Eurovision Entry: Poland goes barbie!

I fear this song will land in the Top 10.

Irish Eurovision Entry: Ireland 's thanksgiving turkey

Even if I watch it 100 times, I will still not find it funny.

Croatian Eurovision Entry: Croatia tangofalls on old boys!

I do not know whom I find worse: 50 cent or these 75 ones... I particularly liked the complex choreography of the musicians in the background...

Icelandic Eurovision Entry: Iceland eurodances on the wrong foot!

Nearly as terrible as DJ Bobo.

Macedonian Eurovision Entry: FYR Macedonia goes out of tune!

I think she should record a duet with Mark E. Smith because she sings nearly as terrible as he does....

Israeli Eurovision Entry: Israel goes equivoque!

If I had not looked at the picture, I would have thought "the singer is female". A ballad, again, nothing spectacular but nothing wrong either.