Thursday, March 6, 2008

German pre-selections for the European Song Contest...

Here we go... tonight ze ze Big :) day for Germany - the band/artist representing Germany at the next Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson will be selected. Here the nominees:

No Angels - Disappear
The No Angels are the most successful girl band in Germany. The band was put together during one of these terrible casting shows. Having landed a good number of number ones, they split up a while ago ... to celebrate a comeback last year I think. The song does not deliver in my view but seems to be the favourite. Here the video:

Marquess - La Histeria
A song in English to represent Germany is something not new... but in Spanish? Wtf... why not! Marquess landed a hit with "El Temperamento" in 2006. If they don't make it for the Contest, I guess the song will hit the charts in the summer 2008. Unfortunately. La Histeria is a pale copy of a would-be-spanish-sunny-sexy-latino-track. The best are the lyrics... full of poetry and wisdom...listen carefully!

Tommy Reeves - Just One Woman
Well, his girlfriend must have been relieved to hear that Tommy is one "one woman man", no? No idea where the guy comes from. Apparently he had a hit with "I’m Sorry" last summer - well, I am sorry but I do not remember. Anyway, another quite uninteresting ballad for the Grand Prix.

Cinema Bizzare - Forever or Never
I think it might be "never" tonight unless the fans of Tokio Hotel all mobilise and vote for them. But this as such would be a pity...because Cinema Bizzare is far from having the power of Bill & co. The power... and the haircut! Here the evidence:

Carolin Forterbacher - Hinterm Ozean
The only entry in German. I was hoping for the best. Oh well...

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